At West Hill School we have a wealth of ways to help you keep in touch with everyday school life.  The many options for hearing about our school community, our successes and our links to the community are listed below.


The School Gateway enables us to share information with parents and carers quickly via email, text, online and a smartphone app (for Android and iPhones).  

Parents and carers are able to view and, in some instances amend, the following for their son:

  • Achievements
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Assessment data
  • Lesson timetable
  • Student details
  • Medical conditions
  • Your contact details
  • School details


Parents and carers are automatically enrolled onto the School Gateway. All that are required to enable access are your current mobile number and email address. A PIN number will then be sent to your phone. Contact details must match the information that we hold for you in our school system so please keep us updated with any changes.


Downloading the app is the best way to access the School Gateway.  If you have a smartphone, you can download the School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone). Notifications from the app will let you know when you have new information available to view about your son. You can also contact school via the app.

You can also access the School Gateway online at:

Text messages are sent via the app. Emails will be sent direct to your chosen email address and will be received in your email inbox. They are not received through the app. Those that do not have the app will receive text messages to their phone as they would any other text message.

Our website homepage follows our busy Twitter feed @westhillschool without the need to download the Twitter App.

Other Options

Following our Twitter accounts will give you up-to-date and curriculum and extra-curricular information.   

Twitter Handle  
@westhillartdept Sharing examples of excellent work, homework reminders, links to art galleries and activities, links to art competitions
@WH_Business Promoting Business stories and key information e.g. exam and revision session information
@WH_DofE Expedition dates, training schedule, ideas for sectional activities
@WH_Geog Messages, keeping in touch during residentials, good work examples and interesting links
@WH_History Interesting articles and assessment dates
@WH_Maths Weekly puzzle, assessment information, revision resources, VLE information
@WestHill_MFL Keeping in touch during trips, announcements to parents, pupil achievements, interesting links
@WestHillMuse Sharing examples of excellent work, notification of rehearsals and concerts. Interesting links
@westhillPE Fixtures, results, general sports news, achievements of current and ex-pupils
@westhillscience Interesting articles and examples of excellent work 
@WH_2025 This page is designed to communicate with all parents of pupils from the class of 2025.


Our Headteacher's Log Book

To keep up-to-date with everyday life at West Hill School our Headteacher’s blog is a valuable source of information and insight into our community.

Established in 1927 West Hill has a long and at times fascinating history.  Previous Headteachers recorded incidents that occurred during their tenures in school in a log book.  So, inspired by that historical document our blog offers a 21st century platform to share with you reflections of life at West Hill School.

Click on the picture above of the Log Book to read the latest entries.

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