We have an opportunity based curriculum, empowering our boys to become fully engaged citizens in their community.
Our curriculum is built around timetabled teaching periods, as well as wider experiences that aim to embed our values and ethos.
Our curriculum aims to inspire a love for learning and personal development, equipping our boys with the skills, knowledge and values to help them progress on to the next stages of their learning journey post West Hill

This is delivered by:

  • Our Staff – through programmes of study and wider curriculum engagement
  • Our pastoral provision – engaging with external agencies and parents/carers
  • Our boys themselves – taking ownership and driving their own development needs

We asked our Senior Prefect Team to describe their experience of our curriculum, their response was:

“The overall curriculum is tailored towards the advancement of all students regardless of their background and abilities. 

Here at West Hill School there is a particular emphasis on maintaining a balanced curriculum which caters to both hard skills, taught in lessons, as well as soft skills, reinforced throughout school life.

West Hill prides itself on the many opportunities that are offered to students, both in and out of school, which allow them to take ownership and propel their own developmental needs.

Support is offered within school for a range of circumstances that students may encounter during their time at West Hill. A fundamental value that we share is the equality and overall acceptance of individuals, within and around the school community.

Our experience of West Hill can be summarised as; the promotion of traditional values set within the context of a modern society, which prepares us for our place within that society.”